Allpets Emporium is over 21,000 square feet of pet-friendly superstore filled with an extensive line of pet and aquarium supplies. The brand dedicates more space to aquariums and live fish than any other full-line pet store. To develop their new store concept Allpets worked with PDT International to create an interactive, theme-like environment. Principal, Mark Hammil said, “Customer interaction guided the concept for Allpets Emporium where shopping for pets is a sensory experience with bright colors, textural materials and theatrical lighting.” Practical issues were also key concerns of Allpets and the design team. PDT International turned to Centiva for help with a floor that could be customized as well as meet durability, water resistance, and maintenance needs.
As customers enter the store, a 3,000 gallon shark tank in the back of the space provides a dynamic focal point. The main aisle leads the customer through the store and features a vinyl tile with the appearance of stained concrete. On both sides of the aisle a plank product is used to delineate the land animal sections with custom cut animal prints within the areas. “We envisioned each animal stepping off the main aisle into their respective department, leading their owners into each area and encouraging them to explore a part of the store they might have otherwise missed,” stated Joy Lynskey. As the customer continues through the space they reach the aquatic area where they step on to a glimmering ocean blue tile with lighter accents.

Centiva’s products and custom cutting capabilities allowed the designers to use the floor for wayfinding, brand emphasis, and to add a whimsical element to what would have been a straightforward floorcovering design. Hammil shared that the Centiva design process was very user-friendly. “Centiva provided us with a sample of each custom cut area so we would feel comfortable about the end product. This aided us in presenting our exact design ideas to the client.” he said. The first store was such a success, a second location opened shortly thereafter.

Project: Allpets Emporium
Designers: Mark Hammil and Joy Lynskey, PDT International
Products: Pacific Lighthouse CP 0355-C, Concrete II Gray FE 7303-C, Ocean Blue CR 0063-V, and Seaspray CR 0061-C