The Chicago Floorcovering Association has sent an e-mail to its members seeking donations for Habitat for Humanity. The e-mail is reprinted below in full:

"Dear Fellow CFA Members:

Habitat For Humanity Dupage has reached out to us through our Caring For All Committee asking for assistance in their 11th hour. They currently have a build in Glen Ellyn of 12 townhomes. They had a commitment for 12,000 SF of donated carpeting (1,000 SF per unit), but unfortunately that fell through. They are now asking if anyone from our membership would be able to make a donation in part or in whole. They are requesting that the carpet be neutral in color. If you or anyone you know is interested in making a donation, or if you have any questions, please contact Cecil Treadway at the CFA offices (800) 627-1299 or"