Miami-based Surfaces, Inc., one of America's suppliers of glass tile, has announced its new glass wall tile, the Murano Glass Collection. Inspired by the art of Venetian glass blowing, the product is distributed by Elida, (Surfaces Southeast, Inc). This collection is designed by glass artisans; every component is hand-cut and individually fused.

According to Albert Claramonte, Surfaces' president, “The Murano wall tile collection, is a genuine a work of art made affordable for everyone to experience. The techniques used to create this product have been honed over centuries; however, we are the first company in the glass tile industry to mass-produce products via this process. Each individual strand of glass is hand-cut and fused together by Elida Glass artisans, creating limitless visual combinations and individuality.”

Despite the "one-of-a-kind" production process of a hand-made product, controlling the sizing of each individual piece is not an issue. This is attributable to rigid quality control techniques that also assure ease of use and installation on the jobsite

The line consists of 72 SKUs offered in 9 colors and blends, 4 sizes (2”x2”, 4”x4”, 2”x6” and 3”x12”) and 2 finishes, shine and frosted. The Murano Glass Collection is available in the U.S. through Elida’s master distributor (Surfaces Southeast, Inc.) or Elida’s retail partners. All 72 SKUs are stocked domestically, with efficient delivery to any part of the U.S. The possibility to combine multiple sizes, colors and finishes on the same project make each installation even more unique. “Design possibilites with Murano are limited only by one’s imagination,” concluded Clairmonte.