Armstrong World Industries has achieved Climate Registered status for a consecutive five years, a distinction awarded to members of The Climate Registry who measure, publicly report and third party verify their greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory according to The Registry’s robust voluntary reporting program.

Armstrong is the first and only company to date to certify five years of global emissions records, from 2005 to 2010.  Armstrong World Industries, Inc.’s CRIS report for FY 2010 is now public and can be downloaded at:

“Becoming Climate Registered isn't easy,” said David Rosenheim, Executive Director of The Climate Registry. “An organization needs to have measured their GHG footprints with accuracy and transparency, as verified to international standards.  The Climate Registry’s best-in-class distinction shows that a company’s greenhouse gas emissions are transparent and publicly available.”

Measuring a carbon footprint with The Registry allows members to prepare for future regulation, identify inefficiencies, and provide real and meaningful data to customers and shareholders about environmental performance. It is a continued step towards reducing energy usage and carbon emissions.

Members of The Climate Registry agree to calculate, verify and publicly report their GHG emissions annually.  “We joined the organization to provide a best-practices roadmap for reducing carbon pollution, and like a financial audit, to get third-party verification that we’re tracking our progress correctly,” said Amy Costello, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Armstrong.  In 2006, global emissions measurements were 1.10M metric tons of CO2 equivalent.  In 2010, we measured 0.85M metric tons of CO2 equivalent.  “Armstrong’s original stated goal was to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 10% by 2015. We are on track toward meeting this goal and we are developing longer-term sustainability goals,” said Costello.

The Registry is the most rigorous program of its kind, requiring corporations to measure their entire carbon footprint, verify the findings with an independent third party and publicly report the results. The Registry sets consistent and transparent standards to calculate, verify and publicly report greenhouse gas emissions into a single registry. Armstrong joined the organization in 2008, after completing a rigorous analysis of its global greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Registry members consist of corporate, non-profit and government entities in North American states, provinces, territories and Native Sovereign Nations. Find out more by visiting  Read more about Armstrong’s energy and greenhouse gas strategy on by clicking the sustainability badge.