Coswick Hardwood is pleased to announce that a new designer flooring product, Ash Pearl Grey, will be launched and available as part of Uniblock collection of hardwood flooring beginning of October 2012. Preassembled in square uniblocks, the new Ash Pearl Grey is a solid hardwood flooring product that is primarily meant for condos, apartments and other urban interiors that traditionally call for engineered flooring.

Ash Pearl Grey uniblock flooring comes in 9” x 9” (228.6 x 228.6mm) preassembled square uniblocks that consist of 4 to 6 planks each. Uniblock flooring is milled as solid tongue and groove profile and has a delicate microbevel on all 4 sides. This type of solid wood flooring can be quickly laid into a classic checkerboard pattern using a gluedown method; precision milling guarantees easy and worry-free installation.

“Pearl Grey is one of our newest designer colors. Originally part of Signature Ash flooring collection, it was very well received by both homeowners and industry professionals,” said Liliya Ianovskaia, VP of Sales at Coswick Hardwood Inc. “By adding Pearl Grey to our Uniblock collection, we are able to make this beautiful solid flooring product available for condos, apartments and other interiors, where the choice of wood floor coverings is traditionally limited to engineered hardwood or laminate.”

“[This] is an easy and affordable way for condo and apartment owners to enjoy the benefits of solid hardwood flooring in their urban homes.”

Ash Pearl Grey uniblock flooring comes prefinished with matte CosNanoTech+ lacquer, an innovative flooring finishing technology that consists of 12 coats of top quality sealers and compounds with aluminum oxide added for extra durability. Through adhesion to wood, CosNanoTech+ lacquer seals wood pores, creating a perfectly smooth and fully transparent surface. Soft matte sheen makes floors very forgiving by concealing footprints, dust, as well as other signs of wear.

Coswick CosNanoTech+ matte floors come with 25-year finish warranty. Lifetime structural warranty is extended to all Coswick wood floors, guaranteeing that flooring will retain its structural integrity for a lifetime.

Production of Ash Pearl Grey uniblock flooring will commence on October 1, 2012. Those interested in obtaining samples of Ash Pearl Grey uniblocks can pre-order them on Coswick website.