J+J/Invision’sUrban Canopy presents a product that brings nature into a functional environment.

This modular only collection is built upon three products – Up A Tree, Branch Out and Barking Mad.  Each is created using 100% J&J Industries Encore solution dyed nylon and is backed using eKo PVC-free modular backing.

Up A Treeis an organic pattern derived from a photograph taken of foliage found in Portland Oregon’s own urban landscape.

Branch Outis a slightly less active pattern, reminiscent of a tree’s nature.

Barking Mad, an allover texture, features a subtle grid design that is incorporated as a background in the other two coordinating products.  The result is a classic and timeless product that beautifully compliments the other two organic patterns in the collection but also can be used as a stand-alone product for a more subtle design statement.

Color Palette

The color palette for this new collection is a refined range of earth tones including grays, beiges, greens and blue. Its monochromatic coloring is reminiscent of the peacefulness that you would find in a calm forest.  The predominantly neutral color palette will also compliment a multitude of textiles and finishes.

The patterns can be intermingled and still maintain a calm yet intriguing backdrop for a variety of settings.

Features and Benefits

  • 22 oz. weight
  • Modular only with PVC-free eKo backing (NSF 140 Platinum Certified)
  • Patterned loop
  • 100% J&J Encore SD Ultima Nylon with Recycled Content
  • Ten Colorways