Mannington Commercial announces the launch of new visuals, patterns and colors in Realities, the heterogeneous sheet flooring highly popular for healthcare, education, retail and government projects. This hard surface flooring further expands Mannington's choices for A+D and end users, bringing every flooring solution through one point of contact. 

Based on customer feedback, Mannington not only updated the color line across the entire the collection, but also introduced two new patterns inspired by traditional American wood species. Acacia is a new rustic visual; Boardwalk is a narrow plank, abstract wood pattern that is still usable for high traffic commercial spaces. The new patterns join Antique Oak, Brazilian Cherry, Homestead Hickory, Maple Grove and Southern Oak to round out the collection. 

"Many heterogeneous sheet floorings that try to mimic natural wood flooring fall short, and don't end up looking either natural or realistic," said Tyrone Johnson, Mannington's Senior Vice President for Hard Surface. "Realities truly does look like real wood flooring, yet is engineered for the highest performance and durability." 

Realities is also featured in a new "box set" of three of Mannington's heterogeneous products most popular for healthcare applications from senior living to acute care. Vivendi is a NeoCon Gold award winning collection of sheet, designed by HOK product design to bring a softer, linen-inspired visual to hard surface flooring for healthcare and other high performance applications. Primus, is a pairing of organic and geometric patterns, using subtle lines and delicate veins of color to create a dramatic canvas. The three products coordinate without overly matching, and are strategically designed to coordinate with carpet, VCT, LVT and wall base from Mannington. 

Like all Mannington heterogeneous sheet, the three products are protected with Quantum Guard HP, a urethane wear layer that provides exceptional wear resistance, stain resistance and lowers maintenance costs and impact – eliminating the need for polish and buffing. The product is available in 6, 9 and 12 foot widths to reduce installation waste. The flooring can be chemically sealed or heat welded to other Mannington hard surface flooring or carpet backing, eliminating the need for transition strips. 

All three products are made in the USA – Mannington is the only domestic manufacturer of heavy commercial heterogeneous sheet flooring.