ARDEX Americas recently announced a FEATHER FINISH installer video contest focusing on creative and traditional uses of ARDEX FEATHER FINISH.

“This year marks the 20-year anniversary of ARDEX FEATHER FINISH, the premiere patch on the market,” said Mike Crouch, ARDEX Americas Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “The 300 square-foot per bag coverage rate of FEATHER FINISH is a testament to the value of this product!”

The video contest spans seven regions in the U.S. and Canada over a five-month period. Installers will submit FEATHER FINISH videos to Winners will be chosen by public voting. Regional winners will receive a $500 American Express gift Cheque and will compete for the grand prize $2,500 vacation credit.

“For years we’ve heard stories from loyal ARDEX installers who love and use FEATHER FINISH for creative projects,” said Charlene Frederick, ARDEX Americas Marketing and Communications Manager. “This contest provides a fun way to reward the loyalty of customers who would never use any product but ARDEX FEATHER FINISH.”

Submissions for the Northeast region begin October 15. The grand finale round ends March 12, 2013.For more information on the video contest, please visit www.ardexfeatherfinish.comor call 1-888-512-7339.