Recently Mannington Mills, in cooperation with Ocean Conservancy and New Jersey Clean Communities, did its part to clean up the local environment.  The “Green Team Recyclers,” a group of Mannington associates that raises environmental awareness through events and education, spent a portion of their day on Friday, October 5th, cleaning up litter and trash left behind by fishers and motorists around Mannington Mills entrance along Rte. 45 and the regional rail line by the Salem Bridge.

The cleanup was held in conjunction with both the Ocean Conservancy and NJ Clean Communities annual “International Coastal Cleanup” events, which attract over half a million volunteers from over 100 countries worldwide.  It’s one of the largest volunteer efforts in the world, and the largest that focuses on waterway and ocean health.

“Mannington’s property adjoins a portion of Fenwick Creek and Pledger Creek.  By keeping these valuable ecological assets free of litter we can help maintain the cleanliness of tidal inland waterways, which has a direct impact on regional water and coastal quality,” said Dave Kitts, Vice President, Environment, at Mannington Mills.  “It’s important for us as good corporate citizens and residents of this community to all take part in keeping our landscape clean. We picked up & disposed/recycled over 50 bags of debris – a startling amount in this day and age.”