Interface took the floor at Greenbuild 2012 with a robust lineup of programming that helped enlighten, inform and inspire its design industry peers about biophilic design.That this global giant in the manufacturing of modular carpet tile is used its appearance at the annual expo and conference as much to share what it has learned as it is to showcase its latest portfolio of products, underscores its legacy of leadership and dedication to continuing education. The presentations that Interface planned took place in-booth, #1413S South Hall, at Moscone Convention Center. Additionally, several Interface experts have been enlisted to participate in panel discussions hosted by Greenbuild itself.

Biophilia, a term first used by social psychologist Erich Fromm and later popularized by biologist and author Edward O. Wilson, literally means “love of life or living systems.” Increasingly, biophilic design is used to describe architecture and design that incorporate nature or natural elements as a means to improve productivity, health, community relations and more. After all, humans are hard-wired to instinctively respect and respond to nature. And, in the creation of its most recent flooring collection, Urban Retreat, Interface, has found biophilia to be a wellspring of inspiration.

“At Greenbuild, we’re taking our role as a thought and action leader in sustainability very seriously, enriching the experience for attendees by hosting a series of events,” explained Peter Greene, vice president of marketing. “Our booth is a great starting point, where biophilic design principles are integrated into the space, which serves as the backdrop for many of the principles we’re offering to all Greenbuild visitors. We’ve also carpeted the booth floor in our beautiful biophilia-inspired Urban Retreat products.”