Introducing BRITES by Centiva. These seven new electric hues include three fluorescent and four bright colors with names like: Shock Me Pink, Dazzlberry, and Ablaze. Special effect pigment combines with Centiva’s exclusive handcrafted process resulting in a style where no two tiles are alike.

“We reached deeply into the heart of color pulling out hues that stir emotion and excitement,” commented Leigh Przyborski, Centiva’s Creative Director, Brand & Design. “The BRITES collection speaks to the edgy side of color equipping designers and specifiers with another set of Centiva products to tell design stories.”

In addition to four wildly colorful hues, there are three fluorescent colors which produce a glowing effect when a black light or ultraviolet light is present. Centiva BRITES are available in sizes up to 36" x 36" and are backed by a 20 year Commercial Wear Warranty.

“Our products span the design spectrum from minimal and sophisticated to dramatic and thought provoking,” remarked Thomas Trissl, Centiva’s President. “We look for customer needs that we see on the distant horizon and design products to anticipate those needs. ”Don’t miss the latest eye candy from Centiva. Watch the BRITES video to see these products in action.