Indonesian Ceramic Industry Association (ASAKI) and PT Reed Panorama Exhibitions (RPE) proudly announce the launch of KERAMIKA 2013. The partnership was formed with a vision to position Indonesia as the regional hub for the ceramic manufacturing and retailing industries through organizing a world-class event, KERAMIKA.

At the recent launch of the second edition of KERAMIKA, an overwhelming 70% of the exhibition spaces were confirmed with another 16% reserved – a meaningful representation of the robust ceramic market in Indonesia and as an endorsement that KERAMIKA is the preferred choice. KERAMIKA 2013 will be held from 18 to 21 April 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Centre.

Indonesia as one of the major ceramic producing countries in the world has a total production capacity of 370 million m2 after China, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Brazil. Indonesia boasts an abundance of natural resources and raw materials for ceramics, such as clays, feldspar and silica sand. Coupled with a skilled workforce and a huge domestic consumption, Indonesia is well positioned as a major producer and consumer of ceramic products.

Mr. Elisa Sinaga, Chairman of ASAKI predicts that the national ceramic industry is likely to grow between 15% and 20% in 2012. The rapid growth can be attributed mainly to the sustainable robust growth in the property market and a strong foreign investment (FDI), thereby driving demand for ceramic tiles and wall coverings.

Compared to neighboring countries, tiles per capita consumption is still relatively low, which implies a huge potential for local producers and importers, while its high quality ceramic products are highly suitable for export. The local and international ceramic manufacturers, exporters/importers, distributors and retailers, can use KERAMIKA as the platform to introduce and promote their latest products and designs to the vibrant Indonesian market and the region.

Mr. Sinaga commented that “ASAKI is elated with the collaboration with RPE to organize KERAMIKA 2013 and beyond. With RPE’s international sales network and portfolio of building-related exhibitions, we are confident that we can bring KERAMIKA to a regional level very quickly and thereafter to an international level. We want to make Indonesia the regional hub for ceramic products and introduce Indonesian-made ceramic products worldwide. RPE will play a vital role to assist us to develop an international exhibition and quality conference - KERAMIKA.”

Riding on the success of KERAMIKA in 2012, which brought together major local and international exhibitors and more than 15,000 visitors in 4 days, ASAKI concluded a long term agreement with RPE to co-organize KERAMIKA.

The exhibition will be held between 18 and 21 April 2013 in the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). JCC was chosen due to its strategic location and easy accessibility. Its facilities and location should attract international traders, suppliers and manufacturers of all kind of ceramic products, especially machine and raw material suppliers. In addition, there will also be interest to promote new technological ideas, designs and innovative products that can improve the Indonesian ceramic industry. KERAMIKA 2013 will be the event to allow any related businesses to maximize its potential both in the region as well as in the domestic market.

KERAMIKA 2013 will host an international conference to facilitate networking and the transfer of knowledge and experiences between domestic and international counterparts. The conference represented by world renowned speakers will focus on new technological innovations in manufacturing, global design trends and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Ms. Michelle Lim, President Director of RPE is optimistic that the exhibition will soon become ASEAN’s must-attend event for all local and international industry professionals, to keep abreast of the latest development. “We are excited to work with ASAKI having common goals of promoting Indonesian-made ceramic products to the world, and developing KERAMIKA to be the regional business platform for those who wish to expand their business in Indonesia and beyond.”

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