CFI is conducting an International CARPET CERTIFICATION on the showroom floor.  This is an opportunity for everyone to view what happens during the hands-on certification.  Working closely with Jennifer Hughes, Surfaces Conference Manager for Hanley Wood, the CFI Certification Team will be conducting the Residential-I and Commercial-I Training event with certification on the lower level showroom floor behind the MAPEI area: #B3667.

This is an opportunity for everyone to view the training and certification process.  A two-day event, beginning on Tuesday morning and concluding on Wednesday afternoon makes it possible for carpet installers to earn their CFI certification at this historic event. 

The one-time show special of $495.00 to apply for testing in four categories, Residential I-II and Commercial I-II, is a substantial savings of $375.00.  Lunch for two-days and Surfaces Educational Badges are also included.  Registration is due by January 4th to take advantage of this opportunity.

An installer from Saskatchewan and one from Japan will be included. The CFI materials have been translated also in Japanese by Hiroshi Tsujio of Tokyo. Those from Canada will take the WHMIS test which is comparable to the USA OHSA and EPA tests. 

The training includes a PowerPoint Presentation, oral review, written test and presentations by the sponsors. The majority of the training involves a hands-on skills workshop. To apply for certification, the installer must submit proof of two-years of active installation experience. A minimum of six months of installation experience is required to participate in the training. If the installers cannot become certified because of the work requirement, they receive a CFI Certificate of Completion for the workshop. Installers register at the website. Click on the “Education Program” tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions. The event is limited to 20, so register early. 

CFI has trained over 40,000 members of the flooring community since 1993. CFI is about installers helping installers rise to a level of professional skills and integrity that will bring the maximum beneficial impact to the floor covering industry, the floorcovering installation profession, and ultimately to the flooring customer who is making an investment in their home or business. 

The event is currently sponsored by Best Tape, Healthier Choice Cushion, Duo-Fast, Kane Carpet, Mapei, Mohawk, Personna, QEP, SHAW, TRAXX and Wagner Meters. Sponsor products will be used during the training and certification.

CFI Residential I-II and Commercial I-II Training and Certification(R I-II C I-II)

$495.00 per attendee – lunch is included both days and all the SURFACES educational benefits!

The two-day workshop focus is hands-on, skills training and knowledge. Certification awarded if the requirements of the levels are achieved and installers successfully complete the written test.  Assistance is provided for those testing for R-I and C-I.  Those testing in the advanced categories receive no training. All skills are assessed and new ideas offered to achieve satisfaction and pride.  Tools and supplies are furnished by the manufacturers whose names are displayed in the training area.

Testing includes:

  • Seam cutting and construction
  • Avoiding seam problems
  • Powerstretching techniques
  • Pattern alignment and tolerances
  • Tackstrip and cushion requirements
  • Transitions and wall base
  • Wall trimming
  • Stair upholstery without staples
  • Stretch-in over cushion techniques
  • Direct-glue installation techniques
  • Substrate preparation
  • Carpet backings
  • Surface testing procedures
  • Correct use of tools and supplies
  • Professionalism and customer satisfaction

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  • Recognition as a sponsor on onsite signage
  • Recognition as sponsor on website where CFI installation certification is promoted
  • Recognition in the attendee brochure distributed to over 100,000 prospective attendees
  • Recognition in the Event Guide and floor plan where CFI installation certification is promoted

· Recognition as product donor on onsite signage

· Recognition as product donor on website where CFI installation certification is promote

Product Donors and Sponsors must be SURFACES 2013 Exhibitors

Please contact CFI (816) 231.4646 or Jane Walker at walkerjw@earthlink.netf or all details and to be a part of this exciting FIRST for SURFACES.  Your information will be forwarded to Jennifer Hughes at Hanley Wood.