Since it’s unveiling at IWF 2012 in Atlanta, Schattdecor Designer, Mark Smith’s Global Spice Collection of color has been met with excellent response. The collection is inspired by both typical and atypical spices one finds in the global market. These new colors relate to a culinary experience of color, taste, and texture. The collection was originally shown at IWF on woodgrain decors for the furniture industry. The team from Schattdecor Inc. made a design presentation of this Global Spice Collection as translated for the flooring market at Surfaces 2013 in Las Vegas.

Schattdecor presented flooring decors in spice colors such as Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Horseradish, and Sesame Seed. Visitors had the opportunity to see 18 of the newest decors from the company that are ready to be put into production. One of the most well received decors was Canyon Esperanza Oak, a richly figured oak in the popular repurposed look. It lends itself to a wide range of colorations but it was most requested in the warm, soft color of Cinnamon.  Another existing décor that was very popular amongst visitors was Canyon Coastal Olive, a rustic decor with lively sections full of fine cracks, nice figuring, faint saw marks and knots. It was shown in a sophisticated, warm brown color called Nutmeg.

In addition to introducing customers to the color collection, Mark Smith talked about trends in the flooring market. He is looking at design and décor themes like Arts & Crafts: a revival of things handmade, Post Modern and Mid-Century: a classic “Mad Men” style, Raw Natural: fresh, clean, untouched looks, and Urban Refined: updating the old, making them new and trendy.