Every two years Schattdecor designer, Mark Smith, researches where the market is going based on color trends he is seeing. After reading an interesting quote which asked the question, “Did you know that 50% of North Americans watch cooking shows and that half of them buy the Food/Gadgets that are featured?” he was inspired to create a new collection of wood grain colors. Sparked by this question, he put together a woodgrain palette of colors that is based on both typical and atypical spices one finds in the global market. These new colors relate to a culinary experience of color, taste, and texture.

During IWF 2012 in Atlanta, August 22nd - 25th, the team from Schattdecor Inc. in St. Louis, MO introduced Mark’s latest collection of trending woodgrain colors - the Global Spice Collection. Customers were invited to stop by Schattdecor’s presentation space at the Omni Hotel. They were shown over 80 designs in Mark’s 18 newest spice-inspired colors. The spice colors that drew the most interest from visitors were Poppy Seed, Cinnamon, White Pepper, and Cardamom. Existing decors from Schattdecor that proved to be a big hit were the Derby Chestnut, Oak Santana, Aveiro Ash, and Sahara. The team also surveyed some never before seen panel decors that are in the process of being developed by Schattdecor. A unique looking Anigre with Birdseye was the overwhelming favorite.

On the evening of Thursday, August 23rd, Schattdecor hosted a cocktail party in the Omni Club Lounge, with the design presentation serving as perfect backdrop. Customers and colleagues gathered for drinks, good food, and lively conversation. General Manager, Tom Drazen spoke about Schattdecor’s appreciation for loyal customers who have stuck with the team since announcing several years ago that there would be a production facility built in the U.S. Strong relationships with customers have formed over the past few years and the party was a fine example of this.

As a whole, the fair presentation was a success. The Global Spice Collection was well received by visitors and will provide the team from Schattdecor with fresh trend colors in woodgrains for the next two years. The company also showed that they will continue to develop new and unique decors for every market. Sales for Schattdecor’s U.S. production facility have been increasing and the team has been regularly meeting, or occasionally exceeding, their monthly goals for 2012. With the number of productive meetings that were held during IWF, the group has a positive outlook for the remainder of the year. With new designs and the Global Spice Collection in hand, Schattdecor Inc. will be even more successful.