Custom Building Products
Custom Building Products Marketing Services Manager Tony Pasquarelli

While at Surfaces 2013, Custom Building Products Marketing Services Manager Tony Pasquarelli explained how the company maintained such solid footing in recent turbulent times, and whether or not he sees brighter days ahead.


Looking Back

First and foremost, Custom Building Products is a company dedicated to its customers, and we’ve been able to succeed and excel because of our ability to service our customers. We’ve successfully weathered all these storms and have been able to maintain our strength. The fact that we have so many plants around the United States enables us to provide product consistently and in the timely fashion that has really been a hallmark of our company and our brand over the years.

Looking Ahead

We’re always looking to the future. The building industry has probably seen its darkest days, and we’re looking forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that are coming up as the year progresses. We’ve been having a great year so far, and while we’re always measured in our approach, we’re very bullish about what the future holds and our ability to be successful both in terms of earning market share, and in growing the industry and the number of people using tile and stone products and the installation solutions required to put them in.


Product Spotlight

Custom has really staked its reputation on both product development and its ability to service product in the marketplace. We have a robust R&D lab looking for new product solutions and how best to achieve them from a science perspective. We talk to our customers, our sales associates to figure out where to gaps are, to figure out what people want out of a product and figure out how best to achieve that result.

That was the process we used in the development of Fusion-Pro, looking at the limitations of cement-based grouts and the opportunities that urethane and epoxy grouts offer, and ultimately finding a solution that incorporated the best of all three categories in a single solution. With Fusion-Pro, we’ve brought a product to market that is fundamentally different than any other grout in the marketplace today.


What to Know

We’re always laser focused on our ability to offer our customers a complete package of products. We sell systems. Our warranties are based around selling a system of solutions, and the fact that we play very successfully in the four major categories of products required for stone and tile setting – floor prep, setting, grouting and care and maintenance – allows the tile contractor/dealer/distributor to look to Custom to be able to find all the components they need for a successful installation.

At the core of Custom’s mission is, fundamentally, we are a flooring products installation company. That’s the heart and soul of the company. What sets us apart is very simple: our ability to service and partner with our customers and provide them with the solutions and the support they need.