Warp & Weft is proud to announce the opening of their new showroom in the Decoration & Design Building (D&D) in New York City. The D&D Building is undoubtedly one of the country’s major design hubs and has been a part of the city’s decorating world for 45 years. It is home to over 120 showrooms, which represent more than 3,000 of the world’s leading manufactures.

To Michael Mandapati, the founder of Warp & Weft, the decision to secure a space in this iconic building made perfect sense, “The D&D Building is where many of
Manhattan’s industry-leaders, and the world’s most renowned designers and top home furnishing companies conduct their business. Working in tandem with our Madison Ave. showroom, this was the natural next step for our company.”

Warp & Weft’s 3,000 square foot showroom, designed by architect Jay Levy, principal of Jay Levy Architects, is a clean, minimal and sophisticated space. It allows the designs and rugs to shine. The gallery has a simple aesthetic, where all distractions are eliminated. “From the very beginning I envisioned the new showroom to look and feel like a fine arts gallery,” Levy said. “Each rug needs to be treated as a work of art and displayed in the same way.” Levy and Mandapati worked hard never to loose sight of the original vision of simplicity. The same minimalist approach and sensibility that Michael applies to his rug collections are reflected in this showroom.

The showroom is located on the 12th floor, Suite 1203 - 979 3rd Avenue in NYC.