Effective immediately, Expanko Resilient Flooring announces that it has discontinued its patterned cork, previously a part of its Prestige line of commercial cork flooring. The discontinued patterns include all Italian produced products, including the line’s colored cork, blended patterns and Italian veneers. The Prestige line will now exclusively feature Expanko’s highest quality, highest performance visuals- Light, Medium and Dark Portuguese cork, available in both 3/16” and 5/16” thicknesses. 

“Expanko has a brand reputation for delivering quality and innovative flooring products to all levels of the commercial market. This reputation has been developed through Expanko's efforts to continually offer the highest quality cork flooring products available.”, reported Expanko’s Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Randy Gillespie. “Expanko Light, Medium and Dark, Portuguese cork installations that have endured for decades are a testament to the quality of the Portuguese product and serve as a crucial testimony to our reasons for discontinuing the Italian patterned cork in the Prestige line. The patterned products, which are sourced from Italy, cannot offer the reliability and durability of Light, Medium and Dark cork flooring made in Portugal.”