When it comes to defining trends in the floor covering industry, all of us here atFloor Trendslike to think we do a pretty good job of bringing the latest designs and styling innovations into the light for all to see. From interviews with top creative designers to market trends research studies to a visually stunning new products section, we’re proud of the way we’re able to touch on some of the mega-trends in the industry as they’re happening.

That said, we approach our jobs with a clear mandate in mind: to give people superior information to help them succeed in their businesses. We’re confident, not cocky, in what we do, which is why when someone points out an area or angle in which we may be lacking, we take it seriously.

In conversations I’ve had with retailers and dealers at various events across the country over the last six months or so, one theme keeps coming up. People want to be kept abreast of the latest trends, of course, but more often than not those trends are being viewed and presented from a nationalperspective, not a local or even regional viewpoint. “Spreads like wildfire” is not the term that comes to mind when discussing new trends in the floor covering industry; it can take months or even years for the “hot new trend” to reach into a lot of markets, and even then, who’s to say it’s going to succeed?

To that end, starting in April we’re introducing a new section in Floor Trends. “Coast to Coast: What’s Trending Now?” will be a quick hit, snapshot-look at markets and cities across the country to find out what’s flying off the showroom floor and what’s gathering dust on the shelves. Going state by state, we’ll be talking to a handful of retailers each month, asking simply, “What’s hot in your market? What’s the must-have of the moment?” and reporting our findings. I’ll go out on a very short limb and guess that, in some cases, the answers will surprise you.

Keeping up with the preferences of 20,000-plus readers can be challenging sometimes, but you know what? That’s the business we’re in: giving you the information you need to succeed. When Coast to Coasthits the page next month, take a look and let me know what you think; we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve what we do for you.

Speaking of improving, nobody’s perfect, but it’s important to us that we correct any mistakes we may inadvertently make. In the February issue, the Surfaces Exhibitor Spotlight featuring Protect-All Commercial Flooring and National Sales Manager Jerry Lee misidentified Duro-Last Roofing founder John R. Burt as John Burke. Additionally, the company recycles 3 million pounds of vinyl each year, not 300 million as originally stated. Floor Trendsregrets the errors.

As always, thanks for reading, and here’s to a successful 2013!