Ceramiche Refin presents the Mansion collection in porcelain stoneware, exalting the manufacturing of antique wood combined with avant-garde ceramic technology.

Characterised by an intense chromatic variation and veining, Mansion faithfully reproduces the lacunar parquet floor typical of the eighteenth century yet is perfectly in keeping with the most sophisticated contemporary venues: the merger of classic and modern style in macro wooden combinations of geometrical effects.

A collection with a refined appeal: the feeling of wood, crafted and planed by hand, of the stucco restoration of antique wooden planks and of expert waxing processes come back to life in ceramic, a material able to blend the aesthetics and shades of wood with the technical performance of a contemporary building material.

Taking inspiration from the XVIII century, a time when wood inlays on floors were the interior decoration of choice in the most prestigious palaces as their aesthetic appeal became the focus of interior decoration, Mansion eliminates the frame typical of lacunar installation and the perception of joints, thus creating large 75x75cm slabs that combine with macro geometrical compositions.

Moreover, thanks to extensive research on the natural colour shading of wood of the ancient Cognac barriques, Mansion is offered in four chromatic hues, characterised by balanced yet intense shade variation, ranging from beige colours of the Hall variant, the grey shades of Court and the warm and emotional colours of Arcade and Library.

The high bending strength, the resistance to wear, to thermal shock, frost and to stain are added values that characterise porcelain stoneware and contribute to the quality of the Mansion collection.

Last but not least, the eco-friendliness of the production process of this new collection as well as in all Refin’s product range.