The Chicago Floorcovering Association recently sent an email to their memebers regarding an informational meeting on the Affordable Care Act. The email is listed in full:

The Chicago Floorcovering Association wants all of the Chicagoland Flooring Dealers to be prepared for the new insurance laws that will be going into effect with the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act.

We cannot be unprepared for laws that will affect all of us.
Over 43% of people surveyed do not believe the Affordable Care Act will ever go into effect. We (the CFA) do not believe this to be true and we want to prepare and inform our membership as to how these changes will affect their companies. It will affect all businesses, whether you have 2 employees or 1000.
We have invited the HBC Group to speak at our open board meeting on Wednesday, June 5th. They specialize in the Health Care Reform legislation and have spoken to many other groups. They will give a presentation and then have a Q&A session.

So please come and join us at the CFA office, 799 Roosevelt Road, bldg 4, Glen Ellyn. We will have a board meeting that starts at 6:00, pizza and refreshments will be served and it is free to anyone who wants to attend.

If you would like to attend, please drop us a line at either or

We look forward to seein gyou there.