Influenced by the concept of ‘art in memory,’ photography plays a key role in the Moment Collection introduced by Milliken’s global floor covering division. The collection is a journey through place and time where life is captured forever in our memory – awaiting our recall.

Designed by Kristin Gruenefeld, each image was carefully selected to reflect the energy, dramatic impact and scale, which occur naturally in large public spaces. As the nuances of the collection are revealed, the movement of line and shape bring the beauty of motion to life in an almost cinematic way.

The four Moment designs – Swept Away, On the Avenue, City Escape and Saturday Morning – take the visitor on a visual journey, while transitioning from public and interactive spaces to increasingly private, undisturbed areas.

Transition from public to private spaces

As we move through a property and transition from public to semi-public to private areas, the patterns in Moment transition with us. 

“The idea for this collection occurred when I started to think about the journey within a property and how design can reflect a customer’s experience throughout the hotel, casino, or convention center,” said Gruenefeld, designer for Milliken’s floor covering division. “From this thought, came the idea to merge photographic imagery and solid graphic elements, supporting the progression from shared public spaces through the gradual retreat into completely private spaces that are undisturbed.”

Swept Away- Dance, an art form that connects the body with the soul, is the focus of this design. Capturing the mesmerizing effect that movement has in creating unforgettable moments, Swept Away follows the natural beauty of dancers flowing organically across the floor. The contrast of black and white shades in the costumes offer a powerful and connecting effect within the design.

On the Avenue– Walking in the rain is the essence of this design. The rain becomes the barrier between passersby and other distractions; but it can also aid in mental concentration and clarity that may be diminished on a clear day. The silhouettes within On the Avenue offer a modern feel and also introduce characters to the piece – among them a mysterious woman and a young couple. 

City Escape- All are invited to become a part of this design, part of the moment. The City Escape image creates intrigue and draws a visitor in through the effects of perspective and motion. Just like each commuter, observers will find themselves immersed into the city making a connection with it and those who inhabit it. 

Saturday Morning– Immediately embrace the natural energy of the Saturday Morning design. The sound of the spokes turning.The blur of the wheels in motion. The breezes as the riders pass by. Saturday Morning features a retro, nostalgic image to contemporize the design and make it relevant in today’s spaces.

A wide range of varying gray tones keeps the focus on the movement within the design and allows the viewer to create their own visual journey. A journey inspired by a moment in life.

Available in broadloom and tile, these image-based designs are comprised of colors and dimensions not typically seen in conventional carpet. “Through the Moment collection, we are continuing our commitment to bring new ideas and innovations to the market with our unique design capabilities,” said Tracy Francis, hospitality market manager for Milliken’s floor covering division.

Moment is PVC free and manufactured by Milliken, a carbon negative carpet company that meets aggressive goals, including zero waste, carbon negative and green energy initiatives.  Additionally, the collection contributes to LEED and other green building certifications.