LATICRETE has been sponsoring teen-age race car driver Joey Ternullo for most of his young years. On May 29th, Joey drove to victory at Connecticut's famed Waterford Speedway, already his second checkered flag, first-place finish during the still young 2013 racing season.

According to his father, Joe Ternullo of Middletown Ceramic Tile Company, a firm that has been using LATICRETE materials and methods for over 50 years, "This may have been the most exciting race Joey has ever participated in. He started out in the ninth position and due to problems with another vehicle which caused some down-time, he started again, this time in last spot out of 15 drivers. After seven laps, he was in the lead and ultimately, ended up with the victory!"

Currently, Joey is points leader out of the 20 top drivers who race at Waterford Speedway in the Young Lions Division. Next year, Joe Sr. states, "He'll bypass the Semi-Pro Division and move up right into the Pro Division. And he's only 14 years old."

"We owe it all to LATICRETE," continued Joe Sr. "When I was ten years old, my dad would take me on jobs. He was a big fan of Dr. Henry Rothberg, the founder of LATICRETE, and was always talking about new products which were coming out to make his job easier. We've always been loyal to the firm, as the products and customer service have been next to none. So when Joey started showing this incredible aptitude and love for racing, I went to LATICRETE and humbly asked for sponsorship. After all, they're a family company… and, so are we.

"Since that day, everyone has been totally supportive, and without the generosity of LATICRETE, our son wouldn't be on the road to fulfilling his dream, which is to someday be a NASCAR driver. Joey's car is painted in the exact same colors as the LATICRETE logo; we wouldn't have it any other way."