Invision’s anticipated In Theory modular collection brings great ideas for design. This three-product collection includes Big Bang, Conspiracy and String, offering both organic and geometric patterns that can stand alone or be combined for a bold effect.

Big Bang is a contemporary organic pattern that comes to life with lush colors. Conspiracy’s palette range allows for a neutral backdrop or a strong pop of color in a
more structured geometric design. String is a level loop stripe that can stand on its own or accompany Big Bang or Conspiracy for a more dramatic outcome.

While the collection is versatile for any range of interiors, the bright and playful colorways within the In Theory collection are well suited for education and pediatric
healthcare use. The neutral tones offer a more subtle choice for a broad range of sophisticated installations.

The collection uses J&J’s Encore solution dyed nylon which contains approximately 25% recycled content. It is backed with NSF 140 Gold Certified Nexus modular backing.