GE Capital Retail Bank, which provides financial solutions to retailers to help grow their customer sales, announces Think Outside the Toolbox, a new business-building program for home improvement, HVAC, outdoor living and other home specialty industry contractors, business owners and customer facing personnel.

Think Outside the Toolbox is the result of in-depth research and insight gathered from successful GE Capital clients in the Home Improvement, HVAC and Outdoor Living industries. By completing a complimentary, five-minute Growth Assessment Survey, available at, home specialty professionals will receive a customized training path, consisting of two 30-minute, on-demand webinars to guide them in reaching sales goals, improving customer loyalty and gaining insights and best practices of other industry-related businesses. Contractors do not need to be an existing GE Capital client to participate, and may be eligible for a gift card or other item upon completing the webinars and questionnaire(s).

For many consumers, home-related projects are the result of extensive planning; translating to 94 days on average spent researching, according to GE Capital Retail Bank’s Major Purchase Study. Yet many homeowners are faced with unplanned repairs, some requiring emergency help from an experienced contractor. Whether it’s a long-planned upgrade or an unforeseen replacement on a holiday, these professional craftspeople deliver more than just a service; they provide solutions that can transform a homeowner’s living space and make a lasting impact on the enjoyment and comfort of one’s home. The important relationship between homeowners and home improvement contractors is highlighted in GE Capital’s Heroes with Toolbelts. Think Outside the Toolbox is designed to enable professionals to enhance these relationships and drive continued growth and customer satisfaction.

“Over the decades that we’ve been in the home segment, we’ve seen the commitment of these business owners to their clients’ needs. Our goal is to support these professionals in building more successful businesses and delivering great customer experiences,” said Bruce Christensen, general manager of Home Improvement, GE Capital’s Retail Finance business. “Think Outside the Toolbox is an effective new addition to our growing suite of tools and resources that can help businesses reach their full potential.”