Everlast and ECORE Commercial Flooring are proud to introduce Terf, a turf product  that transforms regular spaces into high-performing sports and fitness venues.

Designed for indoor sport and agility use and spike resistant, Everlast Terf is available in 6 ft wide rolls and 23-inch to 46-inch interlocking tiles with 5mm or 12mm recycled rubber backing. Whether a traditional gym environment or pop-up field hockey or soccer field, Terf meets a number of possible applications, including:

  • Heavy indoor sports training, including use with football pulling sleds and speed schools that promote speed, power, strength, flexibility, and endurance training
  • Competitive field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer fields
  • Multi-purpose and potentially portable field installations
  • Under-utilized spaces, ranging from convention halls to schools, to create spaces for health  and wellness

“Terf is a significant launch for us, because it represents how we think about product development now and moving forward,” said Bo Barber, vice president of sales and marketing for ECORE. “First and foremost, our flooring solves a problem. In this case, Terf has great engineered qualities with performance attributes gained from our itstru technology that are unique to our industry. In addition, the flexibility in usage across a number of applications reflects continued appreciation for trends in mobility and design. The initial feedback about this product has been extremely positive.”

Everlast Terf features ECORE’s itstru technology, which allows a nylon wear layer to be fused to a backing that contains post-consumer recycled rubber. The result is fusion-bonded performance flooring that is quiet, eco-logical, and ergonomic. Terf was designed with an athlete’s body in mind. Because of Terf’s integrated performance attributes, it will allow athletes to perform better, longer, and with reduced risk of injury. Of particular importance is force reduction, which measures and evaluates a flooring system’s ability to reduce impact, especially to the lower extremities.

Further setting itself apart in the category of sports and fitness flooring, Everlast Terf interlocking tiles enable designers to opt for an adhesive-free installation. Terf can transform a basketball court, cafeteria, or auditorium into a portable playing surface without the need for adhesive or risk of damaging the floor underneath. Users can pull up the tiles easily and store them away in a closet after a rain delay or after the practice or game has ended. If adhesive is desired, ECORE’s E-Grip III one-component urethane adhesive is recommended for use with square edge tiles and rolls.

To learn more about Terf visit: http://www.ecorecommercialflooring.com/everlast/terf.php.