While keeping its commitment to provide customers with a quality selection of hardwood floors, Mullican Flooring continues to expand its product portfolio with new offerings that are revolutionary to the hardwood flooring industry.

Ponte Vedra and San Marco – the company’s newest engineered collections – feature random six-foot planks, a distinctive look in the hardwood flooring industry. Mullican is the only U.S. flooring producer currently manufacturing planks of this length.

The collections are available in 19 selections, most of which feature seven-inch widths, and complement the Johnson City, Tenn.-based company’s growing roster of Made-in-America products. Both collections also include the lifetime-warranted CLARITAGE Extra finish by PPG Industries.

“Having access to longer planks during installation enhances the overall appearance of any finished hardwood floor,” says Brian Greenwell, Mullican’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Including six-foot planks is another way we are striving to bring consumers more value and to be more competitive in the marketplace.”

The Ponte Vedra Collection contains 10 products and is a prefinished, 3/8-inch-thick flooring available in oak, hickory, maple, cherry and walnut. The floors are smooth and feature wider widths – two in five-inch widths and eight in both five-inch and seven-inch widths.

The San Marco Collection is a prefinished, 3/8-inch-thick hand-sculpted flooring that comes in nine colors, with selections in oak, hickory, maple and walnut. All products are available in both five-inch and seven-inch widths.

Along with its expanded Made-In-America product offerings, Mullican recently entered the hardwood supplies market by introducing three new adhesives for use with the company’s glue-down engineered flooring. One of the adhesives also doubles as a subfloor protection system and carries a lifetime moisture warranty. 

The first supply adhesives for glue-down hardwood floors ever offered by Mullican, MP 3001 and QP 2001 are both premium-grade, moisture-cure urethane adhesives; and QP 1001 is a premium-grade, acrylic adhesive that also meets stringent standards of the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Green Label Plus certification.

MP 3001 is one of the first affordable adhesives on the market that performs the double function of being both a premium adhesive and a lifetime-warranted subfloor moisture protection system when used to install glue-down Mullican engineered products.

“MP 3001 is the crown jewel of the three adhesives,” Greenwell says. “The product provides two benefits at once, but it’s no more difficult for the installer to use than the standard glue-down installation.”

All products are LEED-compliant, meaning they meet the strict standards of the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program.

For more information, visit www.mullicanflooring.com.