J+J Flooring Group announces the installation of a new energy efficient lighting system throughout its manufacturing facilities. In an effort to meet the company’s established 2020 goal of reducing energy intensity by 20%, J+J Flooring Group recently completed the significant overhaul of lighting design and fixtures in its manufacturing facilities. The company is already seeing energy and cost savings from the changes - which were completed in April of this year - as well as positive feedback from associates who work in the updated facilities.

Built over the span of 1973-2000, the buildings updated include a total of over 900,000 square feet of manufacturing space that includes tufting, yarn processing and extrusion processes for J+J Flooring Group’s Invision brand carpet.

A total of 1,252 fixtures were upgraded for better performance and energy efficiency. Exit signs were changed to LED fixtures with emergency lights. A portion of the overhead fluorescent lights were installed that include battery backup for emergencies. A warehouse that already had skylights benefitted from new overhead lighting that is equipped with dual-function controls. Motion sensors turn lights on when there is activity in the area, and daylight sensors turn lights off when sufficient natural light is available for normal operations. Outdoor lighting was changed to LED using down lights that prevent lighting pollution and effectively light the desired areas without wasted energy.

In addition to new fixtures installed, a total of 88 fixtures that were not providing useful lighting were eliminated. All removed lighting materials were recycled.

“When these facilities were built, the lighting technology commonly used today didn’t exist,” said Joe Stafford, Plant Engineer for J+J Flooring Group. “Our goal was to improve lighting performance within our facilities using the best available technology for energy efficiency as well as for the productivity and safety of those working in the facilities.”

Stafford projects that energy usage from lighting will be reduced by approximately 2,000,000 KWH per year.  “That is equal to the amount of energy, on average, that it would take to run 200 homes for one year.  In addition, this impact is equal to taking 271 cars off the road or the equivalent of planting 136,378 trees,” he said. Cost savings are estimated at $140,000 annually and utility measurements during and subsequent to the installation are verifying the energy reductions that have been achieved.

J+J flooring group worked with product supplier WW Grainger and turnkey lighting solutions provider Energy Management Collaborative (EMC). Fixtures were manufactured by Lithonia Lighting.

“Improved lighting translates to energy and cost savings, but also to certain intangible benefits,” said John Loheit, Marketing Director with EMC. “In a poorly lit work environment eye fatigue can negatively impact employee performance, and studies have shown an increase in employee satisfaction and performance as a result of the installation of improved lighting systems and personal controls.”

 “We have worked with J+J Flooring Group in a variety of ways over the years as customers of our electric, natural gas, water and wastewater services,” said Dalton Utilities Chief Operating Officer, Mike Jolley. “This lighting project is yet another example of their corporate commitment to conservation and environmental concerns.”