Aqua Hospitality Carpets announced that its latest collection, Bloom, received a Reader’s Choice Certificate of Excellence Award for the 2012 HA+D awards. Made with Zeftron nylon, a premium branded nylon 6 fiber system, the collection won in the flooring category after being evaluated by a panel of industry judges and an online voting period by HA+D magazine’s readers.  

An awards presentation ceremony hosted by HA+D on July 25, 2013, in Mongkok, Hong Kong, officially announced the winners. The Certificate of Excellence awards are given to both designers and product manufacturers from around the world.  According to HA+D, the entries are judged by invited international representatives from environmental councils, national architecture institutes, interior designer associations and other invited professionals. The winning products represent the best in creativity and sustainability in their design, manufacturing and end-use application. Judging criteria include a product’s environmental values, its current availability and its aesthetics for pattern, color and texture.

“Our goal is to research, develop and manufacture interesting and inspiring carpet products for the hospitality market segment. So it’s extremely gratifying to know that designers, other product manufacturers and professionals in the hospitality industry selected Bloom as an award-winning product,” said Aqua Hospitality Carpets Director of Marketing Cathy Mansour.

“Bloom is about discovering the unforeseen beauty of something simple when looking at it from a different perspective.  In this case, it’s about taking natural elements such as a leaf, a petal or a flower and viewing them through x-ray technology. When you do this, you notice that no two leaves, petals or flowers are the same, and this creates a sense of wonder and element of surprise,” said Aqua Hospitality Carpets Designer Koren Sinnock, who played the lead role in creating the collection.

Introduced in September 2012, Bloom’s three styles – Flora, Pure Petal and Just Leafy – offer striking organic patterns, coloration and texture which come to life through Zeftron nylon’s clear crisp solution-dyed color palette. Featuring six colorways ranging from neutral earth tones to natural brights, Zeftron’s robust color palette creates multiple tiers of colors and intricate shading effects. Specification of Bloom products can contribute toward LEED credits, and the products are eligible for reclamation and recycle at the end of their useful lifecycle. All three styles are available in both broadloom and tile.

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