Tate has partnered with Interface, Inc., to incorporate Interface products into PosiTile, Tate’s carpet tile solution for access floors.

Each PosiTile carpet tile is sized to match one-to-one with a Tate ConCore access floor panel to facilitate a quick and easy move of utility services to another location, as well as the reuse of carpet tiles during layout changes. Four ultrasonically welded buttons on the underside of each tile provide precise alignment with four matching holes in the ConCore panel, eliminating the use of glue and giving anyone the ability to rearrange their work area.

“As a result of this relationship, we are able to offer the first PosiTile product that does not require an adhesive,” said Scott Alwine, LEED AP, marketing manager at Tate. “Additionally, because the panel and the Interface PosiTile can simply be swapped with another floor panel without having to remove adjacent carpet tiles, time is saved, waste is eliminated, and the amount of attic stock is reduced.”

The collaboration with Interface also gives Tate access to a much broader array of carpet styles and options, all designed, produced and distributed with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Among the newest and most noteworthy is Net Effect. It's a collection born of a global initiative called Net-Works, discarded fishing nets are gathered and sold to one of Interface’s primary yarn suppliers, Aquafil, to be repurposed into new fiber that is making its way into the Net Effect tiles.           

"For Interface, sustainability is engrained in our corporate culture, our products and practices," said Mike Schwartz, vice president, sales distribution strategy, Interface. "And, as a leader, we're eager to work with other companies such as Tate to achieve a higher standard for their businesses. So, Interface is pleased to bring a new level of sustainability and flexibility to the PosiTile product with this association."

For more information about Tate’s carpet tile solutions for access floors, please visit http://www.tateinc.com/products/positile.aspx. For information about other Tate products and services, please visit http://www.tateinc.com or call (410) 799-4200.