Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has announced a partnership with Warmboard, Inc., the Monterey Bay, Calif.-based supplier of energy-efficient radiant heating panels. The partnership brings together Carlisle’s wide plank floor specialists with Warmboard’s engineers to offer the ultimate combination of luxury flooring and radiant heating for homeowners.

Carlisle, which has installed over eight million square feet of pine, hardwood, and reclaimed wood flooring on a variety of radiant heat systems over the last 10 years, will be sharing this expertise via educational programs with Warmboard’s staff. Warmboard’s experts will also be sharing their floor heating and energy efficiency knowledge with Carlisle’s craftsmen and installers as part of robust new cross-training programs. 

The partnership will also include a series of events at Carlisle’s U.S. showrooms designed to educate architects, builders, and designers on the pairing of wide plank flooring and radiant heat. The events will share the key facets of successful installation, from having a keen understanding of the jobsite conditions to utilizing the proper adhesive products. The event series kicked-off at New York City’s A&D Building in May and will continue throughout the year. Warmboard’s products will also have an increased presence in Carlisle showrooms in 2013.  

“In expanding our relationship with Warmboard, we’ll be offering our clients convenient access to the most fuel-efficient radiant heating system on the market,” said Carlisle President & CEO Michael Stanek. “We are confident in recommending Warmboard as the optimal pairing with our wide plank floors as consumers increasingly look to make their homes more efficient.”

Carlisle and Warmboard share a commitment to manufacturing their products in the U.S., along with a focus on sustainability. While Carlisle recycles waste into wood pellets used for heating and offers FSC-certified reclaimed wood flooring options, Warmboard has made it their top priority to be sure its radiant systems operate at the lowest water temperatures, translating to a lower energy consumption of natural gas, propane, or electricity. Warmboard also utilizes recycled and sustainable forestry materials in manufacturing its products.

“It’s a pleasure to work more closely with the people at Carlisle, in no small part because we share a similar commitment to excellence. Our two companies uniquely understand the passions of those who want to design, build and live in great homes,” said Terry Alsberg, CEO and inventor of Warmboard. “We lead our respective industries in quality, performance and wise manufacturing practices. By strengthening our relationship, both companies will be better able to evangelize the unique benefits of our products and services to the benefit of all those who choose to make them a part of their homes.”

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