Mohawk is committed to continuous innovation proved by the company’s powerful investments in the triexta and nylon categories. Today, P.E.T. carpets represent a $1.5+ billion market, according to the company. Mohawk has invested $180 million and created 500 new jobs in North Georgia to develop the patent-pending Continuum Process, an endeavor to build a better P.E.T. product, an improved process and a more sustainable platform. 

“Mohawk is changing the game by making a significant investment in our new patent-pending Continuum Process,” said Tom Lape, Mohawk’s president of market development. The new Continuum Process provides a cleaner process and cleaner product, according to the company.

Mohawk’s investment in the Continuum Process starts with high-grade raw materials.  Mohawk uses only FDA-approved PET bottle resin, the highest grade polymer available for the production of P.E.T. B.C.F. carpets. This material provides high-impact resistance and strength.  The high-quality raw material is then put through Continuum’s multi-step purification process, resulting in a final product that will resist soil build-up and withstand traffic.  “The polymer we use has a higher molecular weight which provides a better building block in our P.E.T. fiber production process that ultimately leads to a better carpet,” said Lape.

Mohawk’s multi-step purification process reduces 95 percent of lubricants on the fiber, resulting in better resistance to dirt, grime and contaminants. The Continuum Process multi-purification method creates a better performing P.E.T. carpet. Mohawk’s newest P.E.T. offerings also feature Scotchgard Protector Advance Repel Technology, which locks in exceptional stain and soil resistance. 

Finally, the Continuum Process provides P.E.T. B.C.F. fiber with up to 50 percent recycled content, diverting over 3 billion bottles from the landfill each year. Utilizing up to 70 percent less energy to produce than virgin polyester, Mohawk’s Continuum Process is playing its part in reducing the world’s dependence on oil. “Sustainability is a validator, but performance, durability and styling are what matters to today’s discerning consumer. We are committed to delivering the best P.E.T. carpet in the industry,” said Lape.

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