Eastman Chemical Company announced the expansion of its non-phthalate plasticizer portfolio with the addition of Eastman Effusion plasticizer.

In flooring, Eastman Effusion is ideal for use in resilient sheet, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composite tile and PVC-backed carpet.  

Manufacturers can combine Eastman Effusion plasticizer with other plasticizers, to create custom and optimized formulas for their specific processing needs. 

Whether your formulation requires a fast fuser as a sole plasticizer to achieve low fusion temperatures, or you’re looking to combine the benefits of a fast fuser with a general-purpose plasticizer, Effusion is an excellent non-phthalate solution,” said Carlos Alvarado, business manager, Specialty Plasticizers

For more than 50 years, Eastman has produced innovative plasticizers that are used in a variety of markets. The versatile line of plasticizers includes many non-phthalate solutions to address the market’s emerging regulatory needs and desires.