FCICA, the flooring contractors association, is pleased to announce the release of an updated white paper on “Concrete Moisture Testing”.  

FCICA was one of the original sponsors of this document when it was first released in October of 2001. Realizing the changes that have occurred in the construction and flooring industry, we have taken on the task of updating the information contained in this document to better reflect the best flooring installation practices of 2013.

Originally written from a flooring inspector’s standpoint, enough has changed over the last 12 years that we at FCICA believed that a new treatment was warranted. FCICA’s mission is “to provide a unique network for problem solving, education and support, to enhance our members’ businesses and the flooring industry.”  

We have worked directly with our contractor members and associates to present to the industry what we believe is the most responsible position with regard to the testing and evaluation of concrete floor slabs as it pertains to floor covering installation.  

You may download the white paper “Concrete Moisture Testing” at https://www.fcica.com/technical-resource-library/white-papers.