Custom glass mosaic tile designer and installer Jimmy Reed has been selected to restore and redesign a water feature for a historically important Bel Air home.

This was not just about the complete demo and replacement of the already unique water feature on the first-level of the 7,556 split-level custom home. The need for Reed’s talent was also about honoring the integrity of her luxury home originally designed and built in 1973 by mid-century great - A. Quincy Jones, Jr., FAIA (1913-1979). The backyard space Jones designed featured a definite period-style water feature that after 40 years was a prime candidate for an extreme makeover. Jimmy Reed answered with a gorgeous, contemporized exotic lounge pool unlike any other in the world. Reed used modern materials and methods to rejuvenate the long (37.5’) and narrow (7.5’) main pool, but his new spin on the 14-foot feature wall at the far end is what makes it truly one of a kind.

Reed worked closely with the homeowner, herself an accomplished artist/curator and current art gallery owner, like he does on every tile design and installation project. But given the uniqueness of the water feature itself, as well as the original hall of fame architect, there was a much greater need to be in constant communication (agreement) with the current owner throughout the whole process. This interaction helped Reed earn the complete trust and confidence of the owner as the project moved along. In the end there’s no question that connection is why she agreed to Reed’s bold suggestion for the feature water wall design that ultimately launches this exotic lounge pool into another stratosphere. 

“The homeowner was very involved throughout the entire process,” said Reed, President of Rock Solid Tile. “She’s a very artistic individual and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has an impeccable eye for design and the patience of someone who truly appreciates art.” 

After tearing out the existing pool and design wall, Jimmy Reed replaced it with an enhanced foundation and perfectly square transitions to ensure plumb walls for tiling. Reed also added a 4-foot long thermal entry to emphasize the lounging nature this style of pool promotes. For an added touch of elegance and safety, Reed designed each wall with a custom perimeter grab-rail and underwater lights that stare directly across at each other. Earlier in the process, Reed and the client had decided on a three-color earthen blend of glass mosaic tiles produced by Trends. Reed’s artistic installation of the ¾” x ¾” (20ml) glass mosaic tiles on paper-faced sheets for all exposed surfaces of the exotic lounge pool did nothing but bolster the homeowners belief in his next-level talents.

Jimmy Reed had earned the faith of the artistic, design savvy homeowner and to her credit as well, now has a signature sheet flow water wall feature unlike any other pool of any kind in the world. Reed designed repeating geometric patterns of mirror glass mosaic tiles in all different sizes and lengths. Despite the mirror glass mosaics unavoidable exposure to moisture, chemicals and temperature, Reed confidently and perfectly surfaced the entire 14 ½” x 7 ½” signature design wall of the new pool and the exterior landscape. The rarest design and use of mirror glass mosaics for the rebuilt feature wall is not only a stunning visual and technical masterpiece, it flows perfectly with the period-style exotic lounge pool and mid-century architecture of the custom home built four-decades ago by A.Quincy Jones in the western hills of Los Angeles.   

“The mosaic mirror feature wall is totally unique,” said Reed. “There’s absolutely nothing like it. Ask anyone that knows about pools, water and mirrors, and the first thing they will say is ‘How did you do that?’”

And More … Jimmy Reed Does His Part for Super Cool Repurposing Feature on Second Level of this Home

Impressively, the repurposing feature on the upper-level was the idea of the homeowner. Jimmy Reed simply lent his talents to help make it a reality.

Back in 1973, Jones brought in a concrete planter earmarked for a Palm tree he wanted to have on the upper-level. At some point that Palm tree perished, leaving nothing but an old stump in the 4-foot deep planter that somehow … the artistic homeowner creatively thought of converting into a custom therapy spa. 

The new zen-like therapy spa was fitted with four custom leather finished black granite slabs that together become the perfect coping for the spa. The exposed walls were dressed vertically with elegant, ¼” wide strips of Basalt in random lengths.

Reed surfaced the full-radius interior spa with the same glass mosaic blend from Trend USA to match the look and colors with the exotic lounge pool visible below on the lower-level.