Välinge has extended its cooperation with Novalis Innovative Flooring.

The license agreement with the Chinese company has been extended to the use of Välinge's patented technologies for 2G and 5G Fold Down locking technologies for Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT).

The vinyl flooring producer Novalis has signed a global, non-exclusive, license agreement with Välinge allowing them to start production and sales of LVT flooring products with Välinge’s 2G and 5G mechanical locking systems.

Välinge's 2G angling and 5G Fold Down locking systems have been optimized for LVT products in order to offer outstanding performances and easy installation. Those locking systems are perfectly suited for thin resilient/LVT floorings (down to 3 mm for 2G and down to 4 mm thickness for 5G). 

Those new technologies are an important addition to Novalis current product range of LVT click products and will be marketed under the name NovaClic 5G.

"Novalis is aiming to have the latest technologies available, in all extent. Adding the 5G locking technology to our range after introducing the NovaClic FD is a natural step", says John Wu, CEO/president, Novalis Innovative Flooring. "With the additional technology for thin products, Novalis can offer its customers a broad range of LVT click floorings."

"I am glad to further broaden our established cooperation with a well-known LVT producer as Novalis. We know Novalis as an innovative company and the addition of both 2G and 5G to their existing range shows their determination to offer performant and consumer friendly solutions to the market" says Niclas Håkansson, CEO, Välinge Innovation. 

Novalis signed a license on Välinge's Fold Down technology in December 2012  and added the protection from certain IP by Mannington Mills and Välinge in August 2013. The Välinge specific IP rights related to resilient flooring with priority from 2001, in combination with the Mannington IP rights describing a resilient floor with a mechanical locking system with priority from 1999, and Classen IP rights describing fold down locking system create, together with the Välinge basic locking patents, a strong protection for any kind of LVT floors with locking systems.