The Mohawk Hard Surfaces sales team is launching the “New MHS” during Solutions 2013, invigorating relationships with their Aligned retailer partners.

MHS is an acronym for the Mohawk Hard Surfaces sales team and the New MHS is an attitude as well as a tangible improved sales platform that emphasizes enhanced customer experience and a renewed focus on equipping Aligned retailers for success.

“During Solutions 2013, the Mohawk Hard Surfaces sales team is introducing the New MHS to our Aligned retailer partners,” said Rodney Mauter, director of sales operations for Mohawk Hard Surfaces. “Our team has new executive leadership and fresh ideas, ushering in an increased level of excitement and executional excellence for our Aligned retailer partners. Our New MHS sales program is laser beam focused on providing new products, the best services, unsurpassed product training, and effective programs. We are intensely focused on the success of our retailer partners.”

At the helm of the New MHS executive sales leadership is Jamie Byrne, senior vice president of hard surface sales. Partnering with Byrne out of the Mohawk Hard Surfaces headquarters in Dallas, Texas is Mauter. Leading the team nationwide are regional vice presidents and a general manager including: Craig Cook (Southeast), Bob Nichols (Northeast), Rich Owen (West Coast), Gary Phelps (North Central), Dave Slough (Northeast GM), Patrick Warren (South Central), and Jeff Wilson (Florida).

“The New MHS is a hard-working team 100+ strong and comprised of a nationwide network of some of the most experienced and knowledge reps in the flooring industry,” said Mauter. “Our New MHS sales program is restructured to offer Mohawk retailers enhanced, consultative selling. Our sales team is redesigned and reinvigorated to serve as an even more valuable knowledge base for retailers to tap into — all for the purpose of helping Mohawk retailers increase their sales.”

“To best serve our retailers, we have made investments in inventory, services, and support,” added Mauter. “We have also invested in our people by equipping them with new technology, training, enhanced communication, and a new cascade leadership structure.

The New MHS sales leadership also works to create the best working environment for their sales team. Being part of a dynamic, rewarding, and enjoyable team attracts the best talent, resulting in the best service for customers. “Our Aligned retailer partners will hear a lot about the New MHS during Solutions,” concluded Mauter. “We are proud of the improvements and changes we have made this past year. All to better serve our retailer partners!”