Quick•Step is showing its support for the new Social Media Lounge at the upcoming Surfaces 2014 tradeshow by serving as flooring sponsor for this new area of the exhibition floor, laying Steele Chestnut flooring from its newly launched Dominion Collection throughout the lounge area.  The new Social Media Lounge was designed by Surfaces’ show management to serve as a relaxing, casual meeting place on the show floor where attendees can tweet, blog, pin, instagram or facebook live — about all of the exciting happenings on the show floor!  As a dynamic part of its own comprehensive brand marketing program, Quick•Step employs a multi-faceted social media strategy, including effective use of many different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, and YouTube.

Social Media Is An Important Part Of Quick•Step Successful Brand Marketing

“To be successful in today’s marketplace, a brand’s marketing program must always include an effective social media component,” said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of brand marketing for Unilin (Quick•Step’s parent company).  “Social media is here to stay and savvy brands like Quick•Step are capitalizing on this opportunity to reach consumers in a new way. Brand promotion through social media is effective — and, in most cases, an economical marketing tool also.”  

“Quick•Step uses social media to increase overall brand awareness, reach a large number of consumers with a specific message in a timely manner, and motivate consumers to positively respond to a call-to-action,” said Thorn-Brooks.  “Effective use of social media also taps into the need many consumers have for validation.  Many consumers are highly influenced by the endorsement of an ‘expert’ when considering the purchase of a product or service.  Quick•Step features the endorsement of its designer partner Erinn Valencich as well as her style and design instruction in many of its social media campaigns.  Also, not to be underestimated is the need many consumers have to canvass the opinions and approval of their own family and friends when considering a major purchase, such as the addition of flooring to their home.  Quick•Step uses social media to foster dialogue about its products between these groups.  In addition, by capitalizing on the opportunity to communicate with consumers via social media, Quick•Step successfully ‘creates buzz’ around our brand.”  

Quick•Step gets creative with their use of the various social media channels to most effectively engage consumers.  For example, the brand’s creative uses of Facebook includes conducting contests on Facebook, promoting and driving traffic to Quick•Step retail events, and sharing interior design instruction from Quick•Step’s designer partner, Erinn Valencich.  

“Harnessing the power of social media communication is virtually unlimited for an innovative brand like Quick•Step,” concludes Thorn-Brooks. “Our successful Quick•Step brand strategy takes a winning product line and then wraps it in a comprehensive merchandising program.  In today’s marketplace, social media is a critical part of Quick•Step’s effective brand marketing.”  

The Social Media Lounge will be located in booth S6675 (Shorelines Hall / Level 2) on the Surfaces show floor at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Jan. 28-30.