mirage admiration collection
Mirage Admiration Collection 

Mirage is launching new floors to expand its product lineup and meet quality and design requirements.

Designed for active families and those who own pets, Mirage's new textured floors are an addition to the Imagine Collection launched last year. These floors, which previously featured a cork look, now present an aged appearance and random distress marks that can more easily hide the smudges and scuffs of daily use. They are available in three new colors: Barn Wood, Tree Bark and Seashell. Barn Wood is a refined gray, Tree Bark is a velvety, medium-dark brown, and Seashell is a grayish, amber brown.

These three colors are available in Classic technology in 4-1/4" width on Old Red Oak and in Engineered technology in 5" and 6-1/2" widths on Old Red Oak and Old Hickory with CashmereTM finish.

Coffee's rich color will appeal to consumers who desire a floor that steers the eye to the details in their décor. Coffee’s neutral hue balances a room’s more contrasting colors while adding a touch of elegance.

Coffee is available in Classic technology in 3-1/4" width on Yellow Birch, Red Oak, and Maple with Semi-Gloss or CashmereTM finish, in Engineered technology in 5" and 6-1/2" widths on Red Oak and Maple, and in Lock technology in 4-5/16" width with Semi-Gloss or CashmereTM finish.

Hopscotch in the Sweet Memories Collection features a rich gray. This new color recalls the authentic charm of old floors while adding a  modern touch. The series features a variable staining process exclusive to Mirage.

Hopscotch is available in Classic technology in 3-1/4" and 4-1/4" widths on Handcrafted Red Oak only with Cashmere finish and in Engineered technology in 5" and 6-1/2" widths on Handcrafted White Oak, R&Q, and Handcrafted Red Oak with CashmereTM finish.

“Mirage ushers in another year of innovation, offering unique floors in new textures and original colors with the same superior quality it is known for. There are floors for every taste with a wide array of options this year!” says Luc Robitaille, vice president of marketing at Boa-Franc, manufacturer of the Mirage brand.