Pergo webstiePergo’s new website recently won both Gold and Silver in the 2013 Davey Awards, a prestigious accolade voted on by the International Academy of the Visual Arts.

Over 4,000 websites from around the world were entered in the competition. Pergo’s website earned a Gold Award in the “Website-Branding” category and a Silver Award in the “Website-Products/Services” category.  

“Following our company’s purchase of Pergo last year, we began focusing on taking Pergo’s marketing and merchandising efforts to a whole new level.  Our first goal was to create a world class website for the brand — and it looks like we have succeeded!” Said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of brand merchandising for Unilin (Pergo’s parent company).

“Achieving a superior customer experience on the new website required completely rebuilding the Pergo website from the ground up, both from a branding standpoint as well as from a functionality standpoint,” added Thorn-Brooks.  “Our digital marketing manager, Asi Peres, spearheaded this effort and ensured that every single aspect of the user experience was strategically redesigned, always keeping in mind our three overriding objectives:  inspire the customer, present the product effectively, and motivate those on the Pergo website to order samples.  We have soundly achieved every one of these objectives with the newly redesigned site.  This success measurement is not simply our perception, but is backed up by measurable data and analytics.”

“The tangible results from the new site have been absolutely amazing!” said Asi Peres, digital marketing manager for Unilin.  “The purchase of samples on the Pergo website increased 400% (four hundred percent) in the first month after the new site was launched!  The sample sale rate is a key performance indicator.”

“The movement of consumers from the action of simply viewing the website to actually ordering samples is called the ‘conversion rate’,” said Peres.  “Our conversion rate for the redesigned Pergo website is very robust!”