Concrete Mat XpressConcrete Mat Xpress is Flextherm's first mat designed specifically to be embedded in concrete.

With a self-adhesive substrate on which is laid a 6W heating cable producing a 12W/ft2 output, the mat can be installed in a few simple steps; simply unroll it and secure it to the installation surface before pouring the concrete and enjoying the incomparable comfort only floor heating systems can provide.

Concrete Mat Xpress is manufactured entirely in Flextherm's Longueuil, Quebec plant andis ideal for basements, garages, condo towers as well as commercial and institutional buildings. Concrete Mat Xpress offers the following advantages:

Quick and simple installation thanks to the self-adhesive substrate

Resistant and reliable substrate

Doesn’t raise floor height

No additional costs to cover the cable before installing the floor covering

Compatible with most floor coverings

Uses the increased thermal mass effect of the slab to store and release uniform heat

18 standard 240V mat lengths available and 18 standard 208V mat lengths available on special order for greater flexibility

20 year limited warranty

Concrete Mat Xpress requires no return to the thermostat and no maintenance, and is designed to be installed in a wet environment. Concrete Mat Xpresss is also EMF-free (electromagnetic fields).

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