Chilewich has updated its website with enhanced features and aesthetic to reflect the brand's identity.

In collaboration with VSA Partners, Chilewich created a more editorial look and feel, showcasing larger, more vivid images  to showcase products. The updated site also presents a new platform to showcase Chilewich’s green initiatives, as well as an expanded portfolio of Chilewich installations from properties around the world.

“When we were evaluating who to work with to overhaul our website, there were two criteria which were of equal importance to me. Did I respect and see the potential in the agency’s creative approach and second, could I really work comfortably with them and freely and enjoyably create something that looks like us but be even better. VSA Partners brought a wave of fresh air into everything that we had been doing and this could not have happened without their deep understanding and respect for who we had been. Nothing about this process was superficial and rushed," said Sandy Chilewich, founder and creative director, Chilewich.