warmup alligatorWarmup's new Alligator meter has six-inch alligator clips that allow the constant monitoring of the heating cable, according to the company.

“Because ohms readings must be taken before, during and after the installation of our in floor heating systems, The Alligator will enable the installer to ‘set it and forget it,’” said Regis Verliefde, CEO of Warmup.

Verliefde explained that by clipping the meter to the leads and turning on the device, it will remain accessible and powered all the way through the process, such as floor prep, tiling and grouting.

“This is not your typical free ‘beeper tool’,” said Verliefde. “Other continuity testers on the market do not protect from common damage to cables as they are limited to sensing complete cable damage. This can leave small issues unnoticed and lead to problems down the road.”

The Alligator will give clear and detailed status on the installation with the exact ohm measurements required for warranty filing for all floor heating products.

For more product information, call 1-888-927-6333. or visit www.warmup.com.