herb frank
Herbert Frank (center right) at the 2006 ribbon cutting ceremony for the Kane Carpet Co., manufacturing plant in Calhoun. Frank passed away on May 12.

Herbert Frank, president of Kane Carpet Co., passed away on May 12.

Frank, who helped start the company in Brooklyn 21 years ago, was seen as a teacher, mentor and source of support and encouragement to employees. "Herb Frank was a visionary like no one I have ever met. If someone said it wasn’t possible, it became a reason for Herb to do it," said Bruce Kurtz, vice president of sales and marketing.

His contributions to the company, Kane family and the carpet industry will be greatly missed, said Kurtz.

According to Kurtz, over the years, Kane has been able to give the consumer the look feel and warmth of wool, for the price of nylon.

Frank's son, Joseph Frank now serves as CEO of the company, and according to Kurtz, is "incredibly capable" of leading the company in this position. Frank's son Dovi Frank is now chief product officer of the company.

Frank is survived by his wife, four sons and a daughter. 

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