Florida Tile's new Pebbles line was inspired by the feel of soft pebbles in a pond or stream underfoot.

Florida Tile has expanded its PietraArt stone collection with the introduction of the Pebbles line of natural pebble mosaics for walls and floors.

Inspired by the feel of soft pebbles in a pond or stream underfoot, the collection is offered in 12x12-inch, interlocking mesh-mounted mosaics for floors and walls, and 6x12 and 4x12-inch for walls. Available colors are are Black Pearl, Cotton, Mixed Salad (browns, blacks and grays), Redwood, White Snowball and Yellow Stone.

“Pebbles is unique in two ways," said Florida Tile marketing director, Sean Cilona. “First, these mosaics are offered in smooth and naturally rounded surfaces and also standing stones, meaning presented on their edges. The result is unlimited new looks in texture for interior design, whether it is for a traditional, stand-alone floor or wall installation, accent, pool or spa environment or fireplace surround.”

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