The Goodwin Co. has been awarded the Blue Ribbon Small Business Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The award was presented at the10th Annual Small Business Summit, an annual program that recognizes companies for their dedication to the principles of free enterprise and contributions to restoring jobs and supporting economic growth.

“As the business community has worked hard to do its part in moving the country forward economically, small businesses have continued to be the driving force responsible for much of our progress,” Thomas Donohue, U.S. chamber president and CEO said. “Our Blue Ribbon Award winners are the best of the best—growing and succeeding despite significant challenges.”

According to Donohue, Goodwin Co. was selected from a record number of applicants across the nation for demonstrating exceptional business practices in areas including strategic planning, employee development, community involvement and customer service.

The company has achieved much since its humble beginnings. During the mid-1970s, a young master carpenter by the name of George Goodwin was discovering his admiration for wood –and not just any wood – but wood lost long ago and recovered deep from river bottoms. The virgin quality, rich red patina and amazing grains of this “underwater” heart pine and cypress, as well as its rarity and historical significance, captivated young Goodwin at first sight and soon became his life’s passion. He built his first sawmill in 1976 with the help of his retired father and a few students from the local university. Demand for his rich, high quality flooring soon flourished, capturing the attention of some interesting customers. His work soon became highly coveted among esteemed architects, designers, celebrities, and high-end homeowners, including Paul McCartney and Ted Turner.

“We consider it a great honor to be recognized as a Blue Ribbon Small Business award winner by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,” says Carol Goodwin, president of Goodwin Co. “We feel a well-rounded business is a good business. Thank you, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, for taking time to recognize the hard work of America’s small businesses!”

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