kitchen visualizer
Designers and retailers are now able to place MSI's Kitchen Visualizer tool on their own website.

M S International (MSI) has updated its free Kitchen Visualizer Tool that enables designers and retailers to place the tool on their own website, according to the company.

According to the company, this tool allows customers to visualize a variety of kitchen product material design combinations. By clicking on the countertop flooring, or backsplash of choice, users can quickly have a photo rendered vision of their desired kitchen. This photo rendering can then be emailed or shared on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

MSI is making the tool available to partners to place on their website, to ensure that their customers, and potential customers, have access to this technology. This tool allows users to get a complete overview of their room, allowing for the best choices of flooring, countertops and backsplashes—making it ideal for both remodels and new construction. Designs in the Kitchen Visualizer can easily expand to encompass other areas of the home or office as well, according to the company.

"The Kitchen Visualizer has been extremely helpful for homeowners to mix and match hundreds of thousands of color combinations with a simple click of the button. Now our strategic partners, resellers, and designers can utilize this popular tool in their own showrooms and on their websites," said Rupesh Shah, president of MSI 

He added, no training is required to use this program; it is intuitive and allows for immediate deployment on the websites of designers, and retail stores.

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