ecore athletic
Ecore International has developed a sports surfacing brand, Athletic.

Ecore International has developed a sports surfacing brand, Athletic, in response to the growing imbalance between what an athlete is capable of and the related risk of injury, according to the company.

“At Ecore Athletic, we are all about the athlete,” said Bo Barber, vice president of sales and marketing with Ecore. “The surfacing we engineer allows them to do what they love for longer periods of time. The risk of injury in sports today at all ages and skill levels has become a serious challenge. Head impact and lower body stress-related injuries can be mitigated by investing in better surfaces. That’s where we come in. Powerful sports cars demand enhanced suspension systems to perform. Athletes should demand the same.”

According to Barber, Athletic products bring a layer of suspension into sports surfacing that absorbs excessive shock instead of an athlete’s body. The product offering includes everything from base layers for competitive courts, tracks, and turf fields to engineered solutions for a myriad of applications. This includes strength and conditioning, speed and agility, as well as related common areas in a wide range of facilities, where athletes are training and competing. 

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