Armstrong has expanded its CushionStep vinyl sheet flooring collection with new designs.

Armstrong has expanded its CushionStep vinyl sheet flooring collection with new designs including an exclusive vein-cut, linear travertine design and a new thicker (155 mil), more plush construction designed for everyday durability and added comfort, according to the company.

“CushionStep is one of our most popular vinyl sheet collections: easy to clean, durable, moisture resistant; stain resistant; and faster, easier installations,” said Rachel Lombardo, Armstrong general manager-residential vinyl. “We are giving consumers even more of what they want from Armstrong—and giving dealers a unique selling story. Extensive customer research has led to exciting changes in this line, including the extra thick 155 mil construction, featuring a 20 mil wear layer for durability and comfort, and a total of 11 all new designs and exciting new colors—including our one-of-a-kind Travertine plank visual, a beautiful, luxurious look in vinyl.” 

The CushionStep Premium collection includes vein-cut Travertine designs in three groupings: Mineral Travertine, a plank visual in three colors; Capadocia Travertine, a staggered Travertine, also in three colors; and striated sandstone called Tidal Sandstone in four colors.  

Natural stone is cut in two different ways, cross-cut and vein-cut, expalined Howard Montgomery, Armstrong design director. A vein-cut stone slab shows the mineral veins running lengthwise along the stone slab or block. This is also known as cutting “against the vein."  A vein-cut look is achieved when the stone slab is cut perpendicular at a 90 degree angle against the horizontal built up layers of sediment and earth. It shows a cross section of the exposed veins or sediment layers in a stone block. Crosscut is achieved when the stone slab or block is cut parallel to the sediment layers. In this respect you are cutting with the veined layers. Though two slabs from the same block share the exact same composition of colors and minerals, the results can be wildly different. 

“Traditionally, most stone looks have been cross-cut, but Armstrong has taken the more high-end, random vein-cut approach and applied this to our newest designs in CushionStep. The result is dramatic; definitely a crowd pleaser,” said Montgomery. “It creates a very monotone, contemporary look.”

In addition to stones, CushionStep also features several other patterns that capture the beauty of natural material, such as new looks in timeworn, rustic and whitewashed wood planks, including Deep Creek Timbers and Whitewashed Walnut—looks that are usually reserved for luxury installations. 

All CushionStep products feature Armstrong’s exclusive CushionCore, which makes these floors comfortable and quiet underfoot, according to the company.

Armstrong's award-winning fiberglass-backed CushionStep is manufactured at the company’s U.S.-based continuous, U-shaped production line located in the Lancaster, Pa., manufacturing facility.  

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