Metroflor has introduced the new UniFit LVT Locking Strip to the company’s Engage line of plank and tile. Building upon its early acceptance of the Uniclic system, Metroflor will gradually convert its existing collections to this new technology, according to the company. Engage will feature UniFit in three of its collections: Essentials Plank and Tile and Reserve.   

Utilizing virgin vinyl and fiberglass stabilizing layers, Metroflor officials said Engage’s broad range of authentic wood and stone looks are installed directly over most existing hard surfaces quickly and efficiently. Now with UniFit, the installation process has been accelerated even further. 

According to the company, Engage with UniFit slides right in place and locks effortlessly, for a faster and easier installation. The unique end joints click together just like a door latch: Simply angle, press and tap. With its signature high style, durability and easy maintenance, Engage with UniFit presents yet another compelling reason to choose the product, especially where speed of installation is crucial, such as in time-sensitive commercial environments. Dealers, installers and end users will reap the benefits of a quicker, cleaner and quieter process.

Metroflor plans to incorporate the new locking technology into all of its Engage products by the end of the year.

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